How To Look Smart And Feel Confident When Dressing For Work

How To Look Smart And Feel Confident When Dressing For Work

The way you look plays a huge role in your success within the workplace. The problem with appearance is that it directly correlates with your performance whether that is true or not. Even if your boss doesn’t think that they may subconsciously think it. In today’s workplaces casual wear is becoming more acceptable so it is tricky to understand the rules of appearance if you are in an office that enforces formal wear.

Dress For Success

What you wear for work can make a big difference not just to how you are perceived by others but also how you feel. The first step to dressing right for work is finding key pieces which fit well so you are not distracted at work.

You don’t want to be distracted at work because you are in discomfort so if you find skirts restricting or hate tights then build your work wardrobe about fitted and well-cut trousers. Wide leg pants provide the look of easy elegance and you can benefit from having shoes which are easy to walk in underneath.

Quality Over Quantity

Choose classic and key pieces which make you feel confident. Things such as designer lingerie or a great pair of shoes will make you feel much more confident on the inside which will then show on the outside.

Invest in high-quality versions to form the basis of your working wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with investing in a quality suit especially if you pay special attention to the different components. A slim leg pair of trousers work well with a tailored blazer or on their own. A silk blouse will break the suit up in the spring whereas a cashmere jumper in the winter will look extremely professional. You can easily take this look from day to night just add a pair of heels!

Up Your Beauty For The Boardroom

Feeling confident comes from being comfortable in your own skin so as well as finding the perfect work wardrobe getting your work beauty regime right is important as well. With three-quarters of us agreeing that a good hair day makes us feel more poised and put-together it’s important that you pay special attention to your hair especially if you have a big day ahead.

The office is no place to experiment with makeup especially if you aren’t good at specific techniques. A simple and neutral look is best for work as you want to come across as professional. Add a swipe of lipstick if you want to give the appearance of being more trustworthy and confident.

Having a smart working wardrobe has been linked to increased confidence levels and having a positive effect on work success. If your office enforces smart dressing then investing in a good wardrobe will last you a long time. Save your casual wear for the evenings when you can slip into your womens sleepwear and relax.

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