Tevfik Arif/Bayrock, Yet Another Allegation

In the throes of the city of New York there lies a court case which the judges and the jury determined to be unacknowledged on account of various factors. Felix Sater is the man whom Jody Kriss claimed to be causing trouble in the business of Bayrock which is a real estate company that is owned by Tevfik Arif. The man has criminal origins and comes from a history filled with experiences involving a criminal organization which is held in Russia. When he was accepted into the Bayrock organization underneath the supervision of the staff and the people who worked management inside of the company, it was not disclosed that Felix Sater was actually an ex-criminal who would cause more perceived damage to the company than the thought of prior to the deal. The devil is in the details but despite his apparent allegations Trump at the time before being made aware of his past actually enjoyed his loyalty and company to the Bayrock group. He even held meetings with Felix Sater concerning the business details that needed to be executed then, and his floor was only two cases down from where Donald Trump did a lot of his work then. Despite the experiences that Donald Trump had with the man he told the press that he would not be able to recognize him if he were within a close proximity to Donald Trump. Trump also stated that if his criminal past had been known prior to the deal that his corporation Bayrock Group accepted at the time, they would refuse to do business with Sater says the company that Jody Kriss pressed charges against. Nonetheless, Felix Sater did do business with them and under Donald Trump’s gaze, he cofounded Bayrock Incorporated.

Since the incident with Jody Krisses allegations against Bayrock, a whistleblower who worked with Jody Kriss at the time of his trail which was denied by the court stepped forward with additional claims against its co-owner and the things that were being covertly controlled by organized crime. Fred Oberlander was his name and his previous work with Jody Kriss led him to more findings on the information concerning Felix Sater. His arguments, however, have proven to be ineffective due to the selection of information he chose to present before the courtrooms of New York City. His chosen criteria for calling out the corruption emanating from Donald’s cofounder turned out to be considered confidential information that the courts even hold themselves to not to disclose to the public eye, which resulted in the consequent decision of the case being closed with a dismissal.

Later on, attorney Eric Schneiderman states that Fred Oberlander sent out a news feed that said that Schneiderman had let him reopen the case due to the circumstances that a whistleblower could pull off because of the qui tam nature of the case. This message was sent to the courthouses responsible for holding the court hearing, to begin with, and general lawyer Eric Schneiderman did not hesitate to inform the courtrooms that this was not true and that the case was in actuality still denied by the courts like things were prior to Fred Oberlander’s rebuttal. Mr. Wolf who was the lawyer for Felix Sater observes that the reason why Fred Oberlander was dismissed was that of his perceived misconduct in his dealings with the notorious Sater just like the other two allegations against him ended up becoming. Jody Kriss had no part in this specific allegation but has stated that The Bayrock Company for most of the time has been affiliated with criminal activity.