There were many surprises at the beginning of 2022 one of which was the release of games that were actually not new but turned out to be able to attract a lot of gamers around the world. One of them is the Lost Ark game which has just been released and immediately skyrocketed the number of players to be at the top of Steam’s active players.

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMORPG game with a Diablo-style appearance that has actually released in 2019. But at that time the release of this game was made exclusively for the South Korean market by the publisher Smilegate. After gaining great success in South Korea Smilegate then collaborated with Amazon to bring this MMORPG to the United States and also Europe. As for buying game currency items weapons accounts and upgrade services. is the most reliable place.

In addition to the long wait of almost three years another thing that makes many gamers curious about this game is that there is a paid early-access period of three days before its release which has even succeeded in making Lost Ark one of the most popular games on Steam.

In the end Lost Ark was officially released to the public on Steam on Friday February 11th. And in less than 24 hours the game was immediately flooded with players who had already gained access. Unmitigated Lost Ark had penetrated the total number of active players of 984http://www.canadiensstore.com111 players.

Lost Ark managed to beat popular games on Steam including two games owned by Valve which almost always dominate the number of active players namely Dota 2 (318http://www.canadiensstore.com561 players) and also Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (435http://www.canadiensstore.com033 players).

The record set by Lost Ark managed to beat the record for the most active players in another Amazon game namely New World which last year reached 913http://www.canadiensstore.com634 players. But unlike New World which failed to keep players who had reached the endgame Lost Ark seemed to have enough content to keep players busy.



Who doesn’t want quality but free-to-play games especially if you really like the type of game? You must have downloaded it immediately when the game was released. This is one of the factors that makes Lost Ark sell well on Steam. Not to mention that the game was released on Steam as the prima donna platform for gamers around the world. You may also need Lost Ark Gold to buy basically everything to nake your character strong gear jewellery engravings gems cards.


Just by watching the Lost Ark gameplay you will immediately be stunned by the beauty of the world called Arkesia. You could say the world is a blend of the worlds in The Lord of The Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean films. All elements of the place are in the Lost Ark game from the sea beaches forests cliffs waterfalls villages and cities. To carry out all the missions you will explore various islands with their respective charms. The graphic presentation also spoils the eye with detailed graphics especially when you enjoy cinematic cut scenes.


At the beginning of the game you will be given a choice of 5 types of classes namely warrior martial artist gunner mage and assassin. Each class has its own 4 types of characters with different abilities. In addition to the free-to-play game you can have various abilities for free. In fact you can create your own fighting style with mixed combat skills. For example there is a basic ability where you can jump to attack the enemy. However when you mix it with other combat skills you can jump while releasing fire and hit the ground when you land. It’s not cool how else for the combat. You can also look Lost Ark Items for sale to make your character even more powerful.


Your adventure in navigating the world of Arkesia will be more fun because it is accompanied by your online friends. You will not die of boredom while exploring the islands and undergoing various missions. In fact you can fight against various giant bosses with other players. In addition to playing with friends you can also meet new friends from the online world. That way maybe you can also find Cheap Lost Ark Gold for support in your game.


One of the main problems of an online game especially a free-to-play one is the presence of cheaters. These players are constantly trying to exploit various things in the game.

The alertness and firmness of the developer are really needed in such cases. Mainly to keep other players from being disturbed by the actions of these bots.

Fortunately developers Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios understand the massive popularity of this one game Lost Ark. So that just one month after the launch of the game Lost Ark has made one of the biggest ‘tire waves’ in the history of online gaming.

Smilegate says they managed to ban more than a million accounts caught using the bot. Crazy the mass punishment was carried out in one day.

Smilegate has also been aware that it is possible for a small number of players to be mistakenly identified as bots. They also prepared various steps to prevent this.

However if this happens players can still restore their account by submitting a ticket to their service support website.

Bots are indeed one of the main problems that Lost Ark players complain about. Many players report seeing bot accounts roaming around on their game servers very frequently.

What makes these players angry is that these bot accounts have ‘cheat’ abilities such as super-speed super attack speed and can even teleport instantly on the map.

Actually these bots don’t bother the players directly but with the various ‘hacks’ they do these bot accounts can harvest gold quickly the gold will later be sold into money and make the account rich quickly.

Not to mention the presence of these bots also makes the game server full. This makes the queue to enter the game long and hinders real players who want to enter the game.

Going forward developer Smilegate said that they will continue to develop detection and punishment tools for bots cheaters and even players who misbehave in their games.

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