Six Things A Resident Learned While Living In New York

Six Things A Resident Learned While Living In New York


The following six tips can be applied to your business and personal life in New York. According to many residents the two tend to intermix with one another. You will develop a love/hate sort of relationship with New York City. The way they show New York in the movies is nothing like what happens in real life.

1) New York will push you. New York will test your faith in people and all aspect of life on every level. The city will make you stronger.

Madonna is proof of that.

She arrived with $35 in her pocket and a dream. New York tested her. She has said in many interviews that New York is where she “grew up.” No matter where she goes in life Madonna has said she will always consider New York her first “real home.”

You will become a survivor. You will work a lot of odd jobs in hopes of making the rent. You will have challenges every day. The longer you stay the more resilient you become.

In other words you have to really want it.

2) People are not rude as many like to assume. They are highly impatient. There is a difference and you need to learn it.

There are two reasons for impatience in New York Bayrock . One someone was that way to them once so they are recycling the pattern. Two they are used to speed and efficiency. You will need to develop a thick skin and not take everything personally. You are not the only one in the city so it is not all about you.

3) Everyone has a story. You should get in the habit of observing others. You will learn a lot by watching people move in and out of coffee shops. You will learn a lot about your co-workers at your company meetings. Take some time to get to know someone else. You may find you have a great deal in common.

New York is not the place for neediness or desperation. You be broken of that habit once you move here.

4) Every kind of food you can imagine is available in New York. According to the person in this article he gained a lot of weight in his first year. You will gain more weight in New York than you did in college. This is based on his experience. You may go through something different. The point is New York has food and a lot of it.

5) At times you will feel lonely. Everyone has their own lives. You will find it difficult to pencil in time to see a friend. You cannot expect your new friend to drop everything because you are having a bad day. Everyone in New York has a bad day. You will need to schedule time with your friends in advance unless they live around the corner.

It is expensive to eat out remember that. Your friends will expect you to pick up the tab every so often so save your money. You will become best friends with the bottomless brunches. Every true New Yorker has had them.

6) New York will chew up and spit you out. New York is designed to separate the strong from the weak. You need to be tough to get anywhere. You need to watch your back. You should be aware of your surroundings at all times. Those who are not aware of their surroundings find out the hard way.

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