This Country Will Be the Largest Cannabis Manufacturer in The World After Legalized

This Country Will Be the Largest Cannabis Manufacturer in The World After Legalized

Since the last few years there has been a fairly positive trend of acceptance of marijuana for medical dispensary and recreational needs. The level of demand is also increasing so the marijuana producers do not want to miss to fulfill it. Apparently Canada is the country that has the most potential to carry the status of the world’s largest “marijuana dealer”.

Their biggest market is for European countries.

Quoted from BuzzFeed there are some large licensed producers Canada owned companies that are now giant marijuana. That companies have supplied cannabis supplies to a number of countries in the world. They are actively targeting the European market with the way they spend a lot of money to open agricultural land and cannabis packaging facilities in several European countries.

Domestic demand is also predicted to increase.

At present Canada is the second country to legalize marijuana. As reported in The New York Times they have legalized marijuana for recreation in July 2018. One of the causes is the increasing black market for a number of drugs including marijuana.

Marijuana producers also hope that the domestic market will be as fast as in Europe. According to research the value of Canada’s legal marijuana market will penetrate up to more than 14 billion euros per year. One report also shows that in 2012 alone nearly 3.5 million Canadians claimed to use cannabis.

Therefore concerns about the existence of a marijuana supply crisis are immediately exploited by legal producers in the country. “This is a big step in terms of production capacity our footprint” said one CEO of the marijuana company.

A number of locations in Canada are now transformed into cannabis fields which are expected to meet the explosion of demand for citizens. These locations include Niagara Ontario and Alberta. Like other manufacturers Canopy also anticipates there will be about three Canadians who use non-medical marijuana in 2018.

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