Cutting Business Costs

Saving money as a private citizen can be hard enough but figuring out how to cut costs in your business without sacrificing your business’s integrity is another thing entirely! It’s not just about setting money aside it’s about finding services or products that cost you money that your business can do without. Of course the kind of costs a business can cut will vary greatly depending on what kind of business it is but there are some rules that apply to all. Simple things like using less office supplies over a long period of time can really make a big difference. Not all cost cuts have to be dramatic to amount to big savings!

First take a look at how you staff your business. If you haven’t hired any interns in the past you may want to think about doing so in the future. Interns are a low cost solution in lean times. They may require more training but if time is more readily available than money, interns are a great investment. Independent contractors or freelancers are also a great way to staff your business and cut costs. With independent contractors you’ll save money because they get paid a flat …

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Solo Traveling Equipment That Must Be Carry

When doing solo traveling, of course, bring the equipment you need when the holiday is obligatory. But do not let you bring unneeded equipment during solo traveling that only makes your burden even harder. You should just use the best travel bags. Here are some solo trips that you must carry.

  1. Use Comfortable Bags

When you choose to solo traveling, it is advisable to choose the best backpacking gear. If you are not familiar with the situation and also the condition of the tourist location you are headed, the carrier bag becomes the right choice. Do not carry a suitcase huh. Because big and heavy bags will make your trip less enjoyable.

To be sure if you select a suitcase, must be strong and resilient, also antiair let it safe if there is rain. But if you prefer to wear a backpack, can consider the carrier volume according to the needs or duration of your trip, can be 30 or 45 liters. And make sure too, all your stuff can fit into the bag.

  1. Travel Vacuum Bag/Plastic Bag

These items include things that must really not miss when you solo trip. That way you can save space to …

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Canadian Merchant Account— Know Your Code of Conduct?

The Canadian Code of Conduct was effected in 2010 to uphold desirable business practices and make certain Canadian merchant account holders as well as consumers identify with the costs and advantages of handling credit and debit cards.

Here is a recap of the benefits you can enjoy from the Code plus a few new items you should be aware of.

  • 90-day/3-Month Notice on Any Fee Increase

The code demands that for any unexpected fee increase by the processors or card brand (like MasterCard), the merchant must be issued a 90-day notice. On top of that, the entrepreneur can willingly call off their accounts without the fear of facing penalties; but this must be done within 90 days after the declaration of the rate change. Nevertheless, be warned that this law doesn’t apply for equipment leases.

  • Effective Processing Rate

All processors are expected by law to put on view the effective payment processing rate for every card brand (both credit and debit) in their monthly reports. The effective rate is the result of all charges related to a credit card brand, i.e. qualified & nonqualified fees, interchanges charges, card-brand charges and per transaction cost divided by the gross total a merchant …

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Valuable Advice for Buy to Let Property Investors

Investing in rental property is always an attractive option. The thought of a continuous steady stream of passive income and the security it can provide proves vital to investors. To take advantage of this opportunity, you first need to carry out exhaustive due diligence to assess all the risk factors involved in the market. Identify a particular area you want to target and drive around to see the occupancy rates of property on the ground. Talk to property managers who serve that market to identify key trends that will inform your decision.

Look at the classified rental section of the local papers serving the area to get an idea of whether the market is ideal. If advertisers of rental property are offering rent-free periods as part of the package, it might indicate a soft market with fewer tenants. Investigate how the local weather patterns affect occupancy rates. Do people flock to the area in a particular season and leave during others? Acquire data for the target area to find out which part of town has consistently performed better or at least on par with the long-term average performance metrics.

Study the demographic makeup of the tenants in the area to …

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